majical cloudz

Childhood’s End .

The first single from forthcoming LP, Impersonator, is a sombre offering from Montreal’s, Majical Cloudz, marked by the pattering of its sparse beats and a bass fixed around two notes, often mirrored by Devon Welsh’s deep vocals. Later, strings resonate around these same notes, further emphasising the song’s starkness. It’s clear from the onset, as Welsh opens frankly:

“Someone died / Gun shot right outside / Your father, he is dead / I see him in my head / Childhood’s End / Goodbye my holy friend / Love me, it’s a sin / Can you see me caving in?”

‘Childhood’s End’ is full of melancholy. The lyrics continue to quietly battle between the pulls of love, religion and blood-vs-water ties. The heaviness of these are felt both in the steady, minimalist music, and Welsh’s repeated cries of “It’s weighing down, weighing down, weighing down / On me, me, me”.

Still, it’s an understated questioning of these powerful subjects, only building through a subtle use of harmonies in the song’s final refrain: “Won’t someone come? / For me”.

Impersonator, the debut album from Majical Cloudz, will be released via Matador on 21 May in the US and from 27 May in the UK and elsewhere. You can seem them play White Heat at Madame Jojo’s, London, on 16 April, and Electrowerkz, London, on 17 April.


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