BEST NEW TRACK: young galaxy

New Summer .

Before ‘New Summer’ even gets going, you know you’re in for an anthem. It’s the anticipation that comes from Catherine McCandless’ breathy introduction – a mixture of wistful ooh’s and purposeful hey’s – like a beguiling whale song for anyone that’s ever clung on to youth…which is everyone, right?

The single then builds towards an uplifting chorus that’s sure to get the crowds going at this year’s festivals. You can just picture it: a sea of arms swaying, chanting along to “Feels like a dream tonight / A little break in time”, and clapping buoyantly, filled with such lofty aspirations that maybe, just maybe this summer will last forever.

It’s a song both perfect for those going through the transition from adolescence to adulthood, and those like us who are now looking back:

“The end will come to holidays and sweet 16s / For friends and getting lost in your computer screen / So meet me by the river, let’s go for a ride / With the windows down and the stereo loud…”

We can certainly identify with the lyrics, asking us to live this summer like it’s our last one. Young Galaxy have beautifully captured that blissful part of summer when time stands still and you find yourself hanging in a moment.

This is dream pop at its best.

Young Galaxy’s new album, Ultramarine, is available digitally this weekend from 2 April and released on limited white vinyl & CD on 23 April via Paper Bag. The band will be playing Birthdays in Dalston, London on 20 May.


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